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Product Description

A nourishing collection of body care treats perfect for home and away, Earthly Body's Hemp Seed Mini Mania Kit combines four Skinny Dip scented favorites to pamper and moisturize thirsty skin.

Earthy Body's Hand & Body Lotion nourishes deeply with all the rejuvenating properties of hemp seed, safflower seed and argon oils along with other must-haves for velvety, youthful feeling skin. Containing absolutely no parabens or petroleum based additives, Hand & Body Lotion is an indulgently natural choice, ideal for sensitive skin and body care purists. 

Packed with healthy, natural ingredients, silky Bath & Shower Gel softens and enriches as it cleanses. The vegan friendly formula is packed with completely natural ingredients like hemp seed oil, chamomile, and wheat protein along with a mouthwatering Skinny Dip fragrance. 

Matching that sweet scent, the 3-in1 Edible Massage Candle was created using completely natural, high end ingredients that nourishes while adding dreamy smooth slipperiness to hands-on touch. Likewise, a melty, indulgent scent and silky feel helps soothe away stress and tension. Light it up somewhere safe to soften and warm the oil.

Smoothing and soothing dry lips, Earthly Body Lip Balm contains natural waxes, oils and butters, softening and shining while combating exposure to everyday elements. Lips will be silky and kissable long after application, as the Balm stays put for continuous moisture. Sugar, drug and cruelty free.


  • Skinny Dip Hand & Body Lotion- 1oz/29.6mL
  • Skinny Dip Bath & Shower Gel- 2oz/59mL
  • Skinny Dip 3-in-1 Massage Candle - 2oz/59mL
  • Skinny Dip Lip Balm - .45oz/13mL

Hemp Seed Mini Mania Skincare Kit in Skinny Dip


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