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  • TONE AND TIGHTEN: Our Duotone Balls are sculpted to naturally tighten your most intimate places while two free roaming internal weights sensually stimulate; Weighted duotone balls have been used for centuries to help women strengthen pelvic floor muscles


  • STRENGTHENING STIMULATION: While the free roaming weights arouse, the kegel weights work to strengthen and tone pelvic muscles; By working these key muscles, you reduce the risk of incontinence and pelvic floor disorders while increasing vaginal pleasure


  • DISCREETLY TEASE: Beginners and experts alike love embracing these weighted spheres to enjoy discreet stimulation anywhere the day takes you; Enjoy every movement while the tingling stimulation increases arousal, sexual stamina and orgasm intensity


  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Each sphere measures at 1,25” (3,25 cm) and is made from a hypoallergenic ABS plastic with a Polyurethane Cote; The silky spheres are connected by a sturdy nylon cord for comfortable insertion and gentle removal


  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Prior to and after each use, wash weights with warm water and mild soap, then disinfect with CalExotics Anti bacterial Universal Toy Cleaner; For easy insertion, use a quality water based lubricant

Leopard Duotone Balls


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