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Slip into that ass with ease!

Whether you are a buttsex enthusiast or just giving it a try, an exceptional lube makes all the difference in a backdoor experience. Do not compromise on your pleasure! Slick up with a smooth, silky lubricant that does not dry up or get sticky. Your favorite pornstars make anal look easy, but pros know that the best booty banging requires a generous application of lube. Reduce friction when enjoying some alone time with your own hole or fooling around with your partners! Anal sex should be fun, not a pain in the ass!

Premiumrub allows you to experience the best of both worlds! Blended specially with enough silicone to ensure that you can fuck that ass for ages without having to reapply, the mostly water-based formula ensures that you can use this lube with all of your favorite anal toys, even the silicone ones! Make anal feel good for both of you so that you’re cumming back for more!

Premiumrub Hybrid Anal Lubricant specifications:

  • Size: 8 fl. Oz.
  • Silicone and water-based hybrid formula.
  • Compatible with all toy materials.
  • Cleans with soap and water.
  • Made in the USA.

Pornhub Premiumrub 8oz

SKU: AF190

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