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New York

Since I have been introduced to Top Drawer Parties my life has changed a lot in a very private way. I come from the old school and since i've gone to the top drawer parties, I have broaden my horizons and love making. This is very serious and an important thing in my life and Josee and Crystal do one wonderful job! I am so glad they came into my life. Their parties are fantastic! We all have a lot of fun, good talks with the girls and learn a lot they are the bomb! You go girls!!


New York

I had more fun with Josee and Crystal then I even imagined I would! They made a potentially awkward situation very professional and entertaining. Everyone felt welcomed and at ease. The amount of products they had on hand was great! All of my guests took something home with them that night! The variety of products they offer is both eye opening and intriguing! Whether you're looking for classy or kinky, they have it all! The best part is that they are ready to confidentially answer any questions you have! 


New York

If considering a "toy party" I would definitely hire top drawer parties! I have hosted 2 parties and will definitely be booking a 3rd with them when I am ready for a great time! Both Crystal and Josee are excellent and you will be entertained and laugh the entire night! My rating is a 5 out of 5 stars!! 

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