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Satisfyer Partner Box takes you on an orgasmic journey with 2 of its most outstanding products.

In addition to the Double Joy couple’s vibrator, it includes the Royal One penis ring, which will enrich your love life. All 2 toys can be controlled with the free Satisfyer Connect app so you can control it via Bluetooth, and it offers musical vibrations, ambient vibrations or design your own vibrations.

Satisfyer ‘Double Joy’: This silicone U-shaped vibrator is inserted so that both of you can enjoy the intense vibrations. While one shaft stimulates the clitoris from the outside, the other side of the toy stimulates the penis. Both ends vibrate with the same power thanks to its two motors. The inner shaft stimulates the G-spot like. Thanks to the convenient app control, you can easily change programs even in moments of extreme ecstasy.

Satisfyer ‘Royal One’: with safe, soft-touch silicone, it has intensive vibration programs and the option of app control with the Satisfyer Connect app. With its ergonomic shape, the ring fits comfortably around your penis and stimulates your partner’s clitoris.

This set includes:

Satisfyer Double Joy

Satisfyer ‘Royal One’

Partner Box 2 (Double Joy + Royal One)


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